ENVIROPLAN is internationally recognised for its high expertise, and is considered an EU leading firm in the Waste Management and Circular Economy (CE) sector. Our track records include the preparation and impementation of hundreds of projects mostly funded by EU funds.
  • Solid Waste Management planning
  • Waste Preparation Plans
  • PRO’s establishment and operation for waste, including special types of waste (batteries, construction and demolition waste ,packaging waste, electric and electronic waste ,end of life vehicles
  • Waste characterisation analysis
  • Hazardous, Medical and Industrial Waste Management
  • Waste collection, treatment and disposal equipment and facilities
  • Design of Integrated Waste Management Facilities: Landfills; Transfer Stations; Recycling Centers ;Waste Treatment Plans ; Composting Plants; Energy from Waste Plants
  • Material and biowaste recovery for recycling
  • Closure and rehabilitation of old dumpsites
  • Management and rehabilitation of polluted areas
  • Identification and preparation of CE projects and concepts (circular design and production, circular use, circular value recovery, circular support)
  • Legal advisory, technical assistance for EU acquis approximantion
ENVIROPLAN is highly specialised in the Water and Wastewater Management and Flood Prevention sector, holding extensive experience in water recourses management.
ENVIROPLAN provides a complete range of services related to all stages of the project cycle, including the following sub-sectors:
  • Wastewater treatment plants for municipal and industrial wastewater Water and Wastewater network and treatment plants
  • Effluent water reuse
  • Sludge reuse and management
  • Water resources and water supply
  • River Basin Management
  • Flood prevention and flood risk management
  • Compilation of Hydro-geogical Studies
  • Hydrology and Hydrological Analysis
  • Water resource management
  • Water Quality and New Water Technology
  • Smart Water, including innovation, automation and digitalization
  • Operator performance review, asset management and improvements
ENVIROPLAN is increasingly active in climate proofing of infrastructure projects, as well as climate mitigation, climate change adaptation and resilience. Our advisory services include:
  • Regional plans for Climate Change Adaptation
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Studies
  • Adaptation and Resilience strategies and plans
  • Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Project Preparation in line with the “Do No Significant Harm Principle” of the EU Taxonomy
  • Screening projects and estimation of direct and long-term impact of climate change on the different sectors of the economy and the geographic areas
  • Proposal of supporting measures and actions, as well as financial mechanisms
  • Cost benefit analysis of adaptation options
  • Capacity building and training on institutional arrangements for climate resilience
  • GHG calculations for various sectors and activities
ENVIROPLAN has a proven record in the management and protection of biodiversity and the natural environment. Our services include:
  • Management of Protected Areas
  • Preparation of action plans
  • Elaboration of biodiversity plans and strategies
  • Evaluation of Biodiversity Impacts
  • Setting up the operating and legislative framework of Managing Authorities and Capacity Building
  • Identification and evaluation of alternatives based on ecosystem services to substitute grey infrastructures
  • Ecosystem Restoration Studies
  • Identification and assessment of potentially contaminated sites
  • Solutions in line with the “Do no Significant Harm” principle
ENVIROPLAN is systematically active in the energy industry, and particularly in the energy efficiency and renewable energy subsectors. We are involved in the preparation of various types of studies and in the elaboration of multiple Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects, including but not limited to:
  • Energy Efficiency Studies
  • Wind-Mill Energy Plants
  • Small Hydroelectric Plants
  • Photovoltaic Power Generation Plants
  • Biomass Plants
  • Energy Saving Plans and Strategy
  • Energy Audits of large buildings and industrial facilities
  • Energy Passport Certification
  • RES Applications and economic evaluations
  • Integrated Energy Management and Building Sustainability
ENVIROPLAN has broad experience in the Mobility Industry, as it has provided its advisory services in multiple transport projects in the following sectors: the road sector; the urban transport sector; the air sector; and the rail sector. Our expertise includes the following:
  • Studies of urban and non-urban transportation systems
  • Road Design
  • Traffic Studies
  • Rural road design, including all aspects of the design
  • Environmental Studies for railways, airports and harbors
  • Geotechnical surveys and studies for various types of transport and infrastructure projects, including large scale projects and offshore services
ENVIROPLAN has a long term reputation of top quality services in the Agricultural and Rural Development sector. In ENVIROPLAN we aim to provide reliable and cost-effective services to our customers. This makes us very aware of the current needs of agriculture and the regulations that govern the sustainable rural development. Our expertise lies in the following sub-sectors:
  • Forest Management
  • Sustainable and Inclusive Rural Development
  • Agribusiness
  • Resource Protection
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Food Quality and Security
  • Climate-Smart Production
ENVIROPLAN has a long-term reputation of top-quality services in the field of Urban & Regional Development We aim to provide reliable and cost effective services to our customers, including the private sector and public organisations, in the following sub-sectors:
  • Urban Planning
  • Social Infrastructure and Municipal Utilities
  • Public Services
  • Public Administration Buildings
  • Green Cities and Infrastructure
  • Smart Cities
  • Economic Development
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Urban Renewal and Regeneration
  • Brownfield Regeneration
  • Urban and regional climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Plans for transition to climate neutral economy and environmental sustainability
R&D and Green Innovation
ENVIROPLAN has substantial experience in R&D, built during more than 20 years of active involvement.

The R&D projects are usually conducted in cooperation with other companies, research centers and academia, with the financial contribution of the European Commission or other international Institutions. Our relevant services in R&D and innovation are focused on circular economy solutions, low carbon technologies and low carbon footprint materials, processes, services and infrastructure, as well as Green Innovation.