Project Management & Soft Engineering Services

Project Management

Our extensive experience on large environmental projects enables our project managers to combine the requirements of our clients with the logistical and technical support needed to accomplish each task from mobilization to reporting. ENVIROPLAN establishes professional project management structures and processes in order to ensure the quality and timely completion of each project as well as to establish indicators for measuring project progress.

Our experience gives the Employer the benefit of a team that fully understands all sides of the complete project delivery process, and is also well acquainted with International and EU financing, and procurement policies.

Procurement Services

Environmental and municipal infrastructure projects have been traditionally a public responsibility and service, and projects are usually implemented according to a public procurement. However, procurement options involving greater transfer of responsibility and risk to the private sector (PPP schemes) are also practiced. This is attributed to the fact that the private sector is perceived as more efficient, has access to capital and funding sources, can offer increased budget /time schedule certainty ,undertake the risks and finally can provide Value for Money.

ENVIROPLAN can offer the evaluation of different procurement approaches in the design, construction and operation stages, as well as the associated project risks. The consulting services include selection of the best procurement approach, recommendations for institutional arrangements, preparation of tender dossiers for construction and supplies including FIDIC Conditions of Contract and PPP options

Construction Supervision

We are well aware that environmental construction and engineering involves costly and delicate operations, which if not undertaken properly may result in unacceptable pollution risks. Achieving the successful commissioning of a project depends on the experience of the specialists’ team and good working relationship with the Final Beneficiaries. ENVIROPLAN offers high quality expertise in construction Supervision (including FIDIC conditions of contract) for environmental and municipal infrastructure sector.

ENVIROPLAN’s team has executed EU financed projects in SE Europe for over 20 years and understands local technical and statutory requirements and human relationships which add significant value in achieving progress and successful project delivery.

Capacity Building Services

Solid waste management and Wastewater treatment facilities have traditionally been a public responsibility and service. Nevertheless, regulatory, tendering, as well as technical aspects have become more complex; also, after the contract period, ownership/ operation of facilities is usually transferred back to the public entity. ENVIROPLAN works closely with the Client to offer capacity building and transfer of know-how to the public sector. A strong team of multi-disciplinary specialists undertakes a needs assessment and prepares/delivers training programmes tailored, to the real needs of our clients. Our training programmes except the pure technical aspects, covers areas such as European policies, FIDIC contracts, and Project management.

Public sector staff finally gains significant high added value in terms of both technical and management skills and knowledge.

Public Awareness

Public Awareness is a crucial link in the realization of complex engineering and environmental projects. Especially in the waste management sector, phenomena like “NIMBY, Not in my Backyard” are dominant and can lead to significant delays and even cancellations due to poor public perceptions. Further, the new overoptimistic recycling targets set by the European Directives require the active involvement of public.

Therefore, information is an essential component in the implementation of European environment actions. Communication, information dissemination and advertising surpass the boundaries of a simple advertising action and become necessary and integrated elements of operational programs.

Carefully designed awareness campaigns by our well acknowledged PR team can create the necessary informational flux to provide for sensitization of local communities for various environmental issues.

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