ENVIROPLAN is systematically involved in the preparation of various types of studies required for renewable energy sources (RES) projects, like Wind-Mill Energy Plants (WMEP) Small Hydroelectric Plants (SHEP), Photovoltaic Power Generation Plants (PV). Biomass plants as well as energy saving measures.

Furthermore, the company conducts studies on water resources management (database organization, compilation of hydro-geological models, artificial recharge studies) and wind power (energy utilization patterns, micro-scale sitting, and investment sustainability).

Our team is also specialized in Building Energy Audits and more specifically in measurement of energy efficiency of buildings and industries, as well as in energy passport certification of any kind of buildings.

In the frames of the energy efficiency studies, ENVIROPLAN SA conducts energy saving plans for improvements in buildings, RES applications and economic evaluation of interventions, while investing in building sustainability.

The company’s professional staff is highly trained in energy issues, utilization of specialized equipment and reliable computational tools. Thus, each project team is in possession of diverse scientific knowledge and expertise to fully and timely implementation of projects by ensuring qualitative efficiency.

ENVIROPLAN has the resources, experience and technical specialists to design efficient facilities for all types of renewable energy applications, while we provide our clients with integrated energy management and energy audits.

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