On 17 May 2017, a conference organized by the EU-funded Project “Preparation of necessary documents for establishing of an Integrated and Financially Self-sustainable Waste Management System in Pelagonija, Southwest, Vardar and Skopje Regions” will be held at the Marriott Hotel – Skopje, starting at 10:00 h.

The conference key speakers are going to be the Acting Minister and other representatives from the Ministry of Environmental and Physical Planning (MoEPP), and Project’s Director, Team Leader and Key Experts, as well as representatives of the waste management project for East and Northeast Regions.

The main goal of the conference is to raise the awareness of the importance of Integrated Self-sustainable waste management systems and the visibility of the Waste Management Project funded by EU, as well as to promote the EU policies and waste projects by the MoEPP.

For information relating to this Press Release please contact the Project Office: Tel: +389 2 277 3487



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