Provision of Engineering Design, Supervision and Associated Services for Sanitary Landfills and Solid Waste Treatment Facilities, Lebanon (EuropeAid/136418/IH/SER/LB)

On Wednesday 18th of May 2016 the kick-off meeting of the aforementioned project took place at OMSAR at Beirut. The project was awarded to the consortium ENVIROPLAN S.A. (Leader) – HYDEA SpA – Dar Al Hadasah Nazih Taleb & Partners.

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:

The “Upgrading Solid Waste Management capacities in Bekaa and Akkar regions in Lebanon (SWAM I)” programme aims at improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Waste Management in the targeted areas. The action will directly contribute to address the medium and longer term needs of the Lebanese communities highly affected with Syrian refugees concentrations for increased and improved waste disposal services, by building and upgrading SWM infrastructure and equipment at local level and by enhancing the overall management capacity of local administrations i.e. Municipalities in the SWM sector.

Furthermore, the European Union Delegation in Lebanon and the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) are in the process of obtaining additional grant to fund projects in solid waste management sector with same objective, however, it will be financed under new financing agreement and it will be named SWAM II.

The purpose of the contract is to ensure proper implementation and management of part of the SWAM I Solid Waste Management projects in Baalbek-Hermel and Akkar geographical areas of Lebanon.

Specifically, the purpose is to validate and/or prepare the various engineering plans, documents, specifications, works’ programs, bills of quantities covering all disciplines (architectural, civil, structural, geotechnical, electrical and mechanical works including managerial tools pertaining to the implementation of the selected project) and supervise the downstream implementation of those projects.

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