Operational Support to JASPERS on the Waste Sector in IPA countries

Under the Framework Contract for Technical Assistance to JASPERS' beneficiary Countries – Lot 2: Solid Waste, was awarded by EIB with the assignment “Operational Support to JASPERS on the Waste Sector in IPA countries”.

Short-term consultancy to support in undertaking the horizontal activities in the solid waste sector and in assessing specific technical and sector aspects of the projects as well as the compliance of the application with the relevant waste related directives such as the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC.

Technical assistance under the Assignment will be provided on request, following a ‘hands on’ and ad hoc approach, depending on the progress of project preparation and requests from the IPA countries for JASPERS assistance. In principle, the Assignment will firstly focus on horizontal sector support and secondly on specific issues in the solid waste projects. At a later stage, depending on the progress of preparation, it may be decided not to include some of the projects mentioned.

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