ENVIROPLAN is an independent private consulting firm with international orientation, founded in 1990, in Athens, Greece. The company is recognised as one of the leading firms in Environmental Management and Engineering Projects, specialised in Waste and Wastewater Management.

We provide a variety of Advisory, Technical Consulting, Engineering & Project Management services, with extended activities in many EU Member States, candidate states and other countries. The firm is internationally recognized for its high level of expertise and has successfully elaborated up to date multiple projects covering many disciplines and providing a wide range of services.

ENVIROPLAN has adopted a philosophy of multidisciplinary approach of the technical and environmental subjects, occupying more than 80 scientists and engineers from various disciplines. With innovative ideas, long term know-how and modern data processing techniques, ENVIROPLAN is capable and qualified to work on large projects and complex problems of environmental protection and sustainability.We combine the resources and expertise of an international firm with regional knowledge and local relationships to deliver well-rounded solutions for each client’s needs. The quality excellency delivered, is achieved through ENVIROPLAN’s culture of meeting or exceeding client expectations and our rigorous programme of quality management through leadership, processes and training. The concentrated know–how and the accumulated experience of our permanent engineers and consultants provide a guarantee, for an optimal project development and comprehensive, technologically lasting solutions, ecologically and economically advanced, delivered on schedule. With interdisciplinary teams we realize projects of all magnitudes – as partial assignment or for the entire project, for public and private sector clients.

ENVIROPLAN’s network of strategically located offices enables us to provide timely responses and innovative, cost–effective solutions to environmental problems.

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Over the years, ENVIROPLAN has achieved a vast international network of experts and consulting companies, through which is able to successfully implement and manage projects of any scale. The most significant key factor for the successful and long-lasting presence of the firm within the international market is the excellent, professional, and close collaboration with clients and partners. Being able to join forces with other experienced and reliable international firms, as well as with specialized local partners, ENVIROPLAN guarantees flawless project implementation and provision of high-quality services.

Our clients consist of the European Union and various International Financial Institutions, Ministries, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Authorities and individual industrial/ construction/management companies.

ENVIROPLAN holds extensive experience in: organising, managing and running Large Projects funded by various IFIs, included but not limited to the EU, EIB, EBRD, WB, KfW , ADB and UNDP. Over the last 25 years we have obtained significant international experience and a well-deserved reputation by working in various developing and EU accession and transition countries, playing a key role in the development of large-major environmental projects according to the EU regulations and international standards. It is worth mentioning that starting from 2011, ENVIROPLAN is constantly a Framework Contractor of European Investment Bank (EIB) at several Framework Agreemerts in the Environmental and Energy sector, providing its services as leader of international consortia.

The company pays specific attention to effective communication with clients, partners, personnel, and the public by establishing personal relations and maintaining a transparent and reliable dialogue with all stakeholders involved in our business and project development.

The success of our firm is highly attributed to our people. In ENVIROPLAN we believe teamwork and collaboration is the key to productivity, innovation, and efficiency.
Our Environment

We offer an environment of open and transparent communication, with mutual respect, where ideas blossom through dialogue and cooperation. We recognize that everyone is unique, with different needs and goals and therefore we aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for growth and development within our business. We consider that each individual in ENVIROPLAN has a special talent, and we strive to cultivate it through training, mentoring, collaboration and by creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed to take initiatives, suggest ideas and learn from each other.

Our culture

We foster a company culture where every voice is welcomed, heard, and respected. In ENVIROPLAN we strive for diversity and inclusion in our workforce. We strongly believe that companies that create diverse and inclusive work environment are more adaptable, creative, and become magnets for top talents.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

ENVIROPLAN’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy is central to our values. Diversity and inclusion in employment means to understand and value differences between people of different race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disabilities, and sexual orientation, of different educational backgrounds, experiences and skills. Equality is ensured not only in the recruitment process, but also to our departments and leadership. It is a top priority for us to ensure that everyone is equally involved and supported in all areas of the workplace.

Diversity and inclusion
Open and Transparent Communication
Training and Development Focused
Strong Team Spirit
Our mission

Our mission is to provide specialised high level, professional services in the international market. We aspire to be a progressive consultancy firm in both local and international level, offering innovative, state of the art, environmental management services and solutions. Utilizing our long term know-how, quality management and business policy, we aim to provide our clients with the services necessary to address their environmental needs in a safe and cost effective manner.

Our vision

Our vision is to actively contribute in the creation of a sustainable future by maintaining a safe, healthy, and cleaner environment that can be in balance with economic development. The protection of the environment and public health, as well as the objective of sustainable development are core values to our business. In ENVIROPLAN we are committed to play an active role to the creation of a greener future, by promoting energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions and developments.


ENVIROPLAN has successfully implemented and has fulfilled all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015 , EN ISO 45001:2018 and  ISO 27001:2013 and holds also a permanent professional Indemnity Insurance Contract. Determined by the Board of Directors, our Quality policy is implemented based on the continuous improvement of operation of every company department, efficient internal audit, conscientious pursuit of professional growth by employees, and understanding of corporate responsibility before the society, as the Company product has direct impact on populace’s life and health.


ENVIROPLAN is a member of the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (EFCA member) and has adopted the International Federation of Consulting Engineering, FIDIC’S model code of conduct which includes Quality of Services, Integrated Policy, Social Responsibility, Objectivity, Corporate Integrity and Sustainability.

ENVIROPLAN accepts continuous Corporate Social Responsibility for its consulting services before its customers and society and includes sustainability as a permanent goal in every project.

ENVIROPLAN acts with Credibility, Professional Integrity and Objectivity for the benefit of our clients. involved in our business and projects development.

Our company understands the significance of cross-cutting issues that affect (cut across) all project related aspects. We have experience in implementing comprehensive Environmental, Gender and Social Impact Management System (EGSIM) throughout our project activities. Therefore, special attention is paid by our project team to take into consideration these topics during the implementation of our assignments in a manner that they are integrated and mainstreamed throughout all project stages.

Sustainable development goals have always been central to ENVIROPLAN’s corporate policy. The 17 Sustainable goals are now an integral part of public procurement, and related considerations must be taken into account from the initial stage of design of the procurement process, until the performance of the contract and the impact of the procured project to the end-users, the society and the environment.The impacts of our assigned projects on achieving long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability are of primary importance and measures for these issues are embedded both into the project development and implementation concept.

Gender equality together with the social inclusion and diversity are important organisational building blocks integrated in our Company’s human resources (HR) policy that create an enabling business environment for equality as well as establish and track progress towards achieving the set goals both at company and project level. Gender equity considerations are mainstreamed into the entire project cycle to enhance the efficacy of proposed interventions and to ensure that gender co-benefits are obtained. ENVIROPLAN’s gender experts undertake Gender Impact Assessments in order to identify the gender relevance of every project-related activity. Gender equality issues are be treated as a crucial and integral part of our business practice and project management.

ENVIROPLAN embraces the principles of good governance and incorporates them in all stages and levels of the project planning, development, and implementation, by taking into consideration the political, institutional and financial aspects of governance. All project-related activities are planned and implemented in close communication and cooperation with the main project beneficiaries and coordinated with a variety of stakeholders from different sectors. Accordingly, during our course of activities we ensure the incorporation of the principles of good governance and human rights principles in the projects, by involving NGOs and CSOs, the public, private and academic sector in detailed planning exercises, discussions and consultation on legislative matters, policies, and action-oriented plans as well as capacity development.

In ENVIROPLAN we achieve the successful completion of our projects and the accomplishment of their purpose by integrating environmental-friendly and climate change aspects in our practices. Our firm aspires to increase the awareness on the importance of the proper implementation of the green agenda. The integration of environment and climate change aspects should ensure that opportunities for positive impacts are enhanced, while risks are identified, managed and mitigated. ENVIROPLAN ensures that its intervention always contributes towards green transition and in establishing climate resilient economy.

Equity and social inclusion are key features embedded in our practices. Equity means the fair and equal distribution and sharing of project resources, benefits, and opportunities to everyone. Social inclusion aims to facilitate participation of marginalized and vulnerable population groups in project planning, designing and decision-making processes that affect their lives. In this respect, existing challenges and barriers that hamper participation of marginalized and vulnerable groups are taken into due account and mitigation measures are implemented.