E ENVIROPLAN offers a broad range of services from the initial concept through to the commissioning of a project, specialised in multi-disciplinary solutions.
The combination of various areas of expertise and different professional backgrounds of our staff, enable us to offer unique services for both large and complex projects, as well as specialist services at high professional standards.

Environmental Planning should be the first step in the development of any successful project. Our firm has the expertise to assess the physical, biological, social and economic aspects of a proposed project, as well as to suggest feasible and appropriate measures to minimize the environmental impacts.

The environmental aspects of technical projects or of sectorial and regional development plans require technical understanding and comprehensive competency. ENVIROPLAN is considered a leading company in the field of environmental management and engineering, through our collective years of experience in consulting, planning, evaluating, construction support, project management and monitoring of large-scale and complex projects. We hold unique experience in strategic planning, surveys, market analysis, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies, Feasibility Studies, Cost-Benefit analysis, Preliminary and Detailed Design and cost estimates and risk assessment.

After successful conclusion of the actual planning work, our team draws up the necessary tender documents according to the EU and International Standards, carries out bid evaluations and supervises construction works and equipment installation, while it may also take over the entire project management, including the financial management. During all stages, our team provides “soft engineering” services like institutional strengthening and capacity building of client's personnel, as well as Communication, Visibility and Awareness raising programs.

ENVIROPLAN is also experienced in strategic planning and legislative reforms in the environmental sector, in accordance with the latest EU requirements and guidelines, including the Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR), waste circular economy, climate change adaptation and mitigation aspects.