Environmental Services

Whether it is required by a national law or regulation, or it is just good corporate practice, environmental planning should be the first step in the development of any successful project. ENVIROPLAN has the expertise to assess the physical, biological, social, and economic aspects of a proposed project and suggests feasible and appropriate measures to minimize the environmental impacts.

Environmental aspect of technical projects or of a sectoral / regional development plan, require technical understanding and comprehensive competency, which is ensured by ENVIROPLAN experts through their collective years of experience in consulting, planning, evaluating, construction support, project management and monitoring ENVIROPLAN team works in various multidisciplinary projects concerning the following fields of specialization:


The increasingly environmental awareness and the arising demand for clean water both bring about the need for tailored solutions. Our services are directed towards water resources planning, action plans and policy making to ensure the quality and availability of clean water and sustainable solution for the environment.


In addition to the well know typical wastewater treatment processes changing requirements to water protection and increased public awareness generate the necessity to use innovative technology. Whether it is renovation, extension or a new construction our high priorities are quality, environmental performance and cost-effectiveness. We support our clients during all phases of the project from the analysis of the situation, up to construction supervision and commissioning. Through this we offer a smooth work progress with high quality and cost efficient result.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Over the last 20 years ENVIROPLAN has prepared Environmental Impact Assessment studies (E.I.A.S.) and Strategic Environmental Assessment studies (SEA) for major infrastructure and development projects (more than 200 projects), such as:

Industries and industrial parks
Transportation networks Wastewater treatment plants
Airports and Helicodromes Industries and industrial parks
Harbor installations Tourist installations (Hotels, Casino, Golf Field)
Hydraulic projects Urban planning
Water supply projects Solid waste treatment facilities and landfills

Our activities in this field include initial environmental assessment, technical project analysis, and in situ environmental measurements of existing situation.

Natural Environment

The management of Natural Environment is one of the challenging problems faced by modern societies. Our services in sustainable development and protection of the natural environment include the elaboration of management plans for protected areas (Natura 2000, SPA etc.), the set up of Management Structures for long term operation of protected areas, Green Development studies, EIA studies, restoration of polluted areas / Quarries’ rehabilitation etc.

Research & Development

The future of any organisation is prescribed by its ability to innovate. The Research & Development services offered by ENVIROPLAN are conducted by people with a strong academic background and post graduated studies. ENVIROPLAN has substantial experience in research and development, built up during more than 20 years of active involvement. The research and development is, to a large extent, conducted in joint projects with other companies, research centres and academia and with the financial contribution of the EC.

Environmental Measurement & Monitoring

ENVIROPLAN specialises in developing – implementing environmental measurements and monitoring programs for technical and environmental projects during their construction and/or operation period. Our Environmental Monitoring team, fully equipped with the latest in technology measuring equipment, such as Thermal imaging camera, Exhaust gas analyzer, Infrared gas analyser and gas sampling units, Olfractometer (odour measurement), Sound meter, portable laser Dust meter and various portable water meter devices, (arranged in a mobile unit) can make in situ measurements of air, water, waste quality and noise level.

Environmental due diligence

We assist facilities from the initial planning stage, through their remediation process, up to the final acquisition of reclamation certificates. ENVIROPLAN provides the services for an environmental-related site evaluation. Our experienced experts recognize the risk potential during the short period of time that is available during the transaction. We prepare the analysis according to the international standards; it allows a realistic assessment of the site situation and contributes to the safeguarding of the investment.

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