Waste Management

The increasing waste production by various human activities in combination with the exhaustion of natural recourses and its impact to global warming, constitutes a major challenge for modern society which requires an integrated approach to comply with the legislation and the current international standards, to ensure that the impacts on the environment are minimal and finally assure the sustainability of a clean environment for future generations.

ENVIROPLAN has 20 years of experience and expertise in Waste Management projects, providing consultancy and technical engineering services including:


  • Solid Waste Management Master planning for greater areas, and various waste streams like Household waste, Municipal waste, Commercial waste, Special types of waste as: Batteries, Construction and Demolition waste (C&D), Packaging waste, Electric and Electronic waste (WEEE), End of Life Vehicles (ELVs), Sewage Sludge, etc.
  • Waste qualitative and quantitative determination
  • Design of collection and transportation schemes
  • Design of integrated Waste Management facilities, such as: Landfills, Transfer Stations, Recycling Centres (MRF), Waste Treatment plants (various types of MBT), Composting plants, Energy from Waste plants(EfW), etc.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, including selection of site.
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated and old disposal sites.
  • Environmental Monitoring for all types of waste management facilities
  • Management of medical, hazardous and industrial waste
  • Preparation of publicity measures and conduction of public awareness campaigns.

ENVIROPLAN’s broad waste management expertise can be displayed at all stages of the waste management project cycle. We can draw on a core of specialist waste expertise and enhance it with skills from the wider group. The provided services in this sector start from conceptual design and initial feasibility study and includes all the necessary services and studies for the satisfactory realization of the projects, such as: techno-economical evaluation, environmental impact assessment studies, cost-benefit analysis, funding application, detailed design studies, tender documents for construction and supplies, bids evaluation, project management, construction supervision and training of client personnel.

Collaboration in waste management associations and cooperatives and active participation in the leading national and international forums are second nature to us

Being advantaged by the significant long term experience of our staff, and our high level of expertise coming out from relative projects which have been successfully realized till now, the company has a leading position in Greece, Cyprus and Balkan Countries, and is globally recognized as one of the most competent companies in the sector.

Based on the above facts, ENVIROPLAN has targeted the waste management sector, to provide services at an international market level.

Our track records, includes several projects on local regional and country level, most of them prepared to be financed by European Union Funds (preparation of projects with a cumulative value of more than 600 million Euro).

Recently ENVIROPLAN as a leader of an international consortium, has been contracted by European Investment Bank (EIB) through a framework contract, for the Waste Sector, to provide services for Technical Assistance to JASPER’S beneficiary Countries (LOT2: Solid Waste)

Our involvement in developing a waste management facility does not necessarily end with commissioning and hand-over. We can provide ongoing operation and maintenance advisory services, periodic condition surveys and supervision of repairs, maintenance and replacements.

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